Why Land and Sea WiFi?

What can Land and Sea WiFi do for me?

A typical laptop’s WiFi card has a power output of about 60mw, and transmits thru a tiny built in antenna.
Our WiFi products have over 800mw of power, and are available with a variety of antennas.
What does this mean to you? It means that you can connect to that Hotspot from a much greater distance, and under ideal conditions, up to 7 miles!
You can also share this connection with any number of computers at once simply by plugging the Rogue into a router.

What makes your products different?

A typical “long range” WiFi device is connected to your computer through a USB cable.  USB is limited both in power and in cable length. Using a USB connection means you may only connect a single computer at any time. It also means you must install software to manage your connection. 

Every product we sell connects via standard ethernet. There is no software to install. You may use our products on virtually any computer, Windows or MAC. Best of all, its easy to plug in to a wireless router and share the connection with any number of computers!

Tell me about Wave WiFi

Wave WiFi is, quite simply, THE name in marine WiFi. A product of GeoSat Solutions, a company that has been in the marine electronics business for over 15 years and the innovator of marine WiFi, Wave WiFi products are sold worldwide. Their High Powered units are found on the largest vessels and are a "standard package" on many new yachts. Wave WiFi has turned their many years of experience to smaller boats and the Rogue is the result. Land and Sea WiFi recognizes the needs of the small boater and is here to provide outstanding products, low prices, and expert answers to your questions. Before you purchase from anyone, see if they have a phone number on their website! Its nice to know you can ask questions and get help before AND after your purchase....

What's a Rogue Wave?

The Rogue Wave is Wave WiFi's lowest priced marine wifi booster, quite simply the easiest to use device available! Like any wifi signal extender, its goal is to pull in weak, distant signals and get you the best connection possible. It does this with a combination of both high power output (over 800mw!) and excellent receive sensitivity. Now included is a high quality 8db marine wifi antenna and a stainless railmount.

How do I connect?

With the Rogue Wave its as simple as plugging in to your computer or router, typing “wavewifi.com” into your internet browser, then choosing a Hotspot from the list. If the Hotspot is within range, you’ll see a “yes” indicating a connection. Its that easy!
Some competitor’s wifi units require you to modify your computer’s network settings each time you want to connect to a different Hotspot….

What about "Brand X" WiFi?

 Ask questions and do your research when shopping for a WiFi product for your boat! Some units claim "1000mw" of output power, but a bit of research shows that they only send data at 250mw... misleading? Certainly! Other units claim 400mw, but actually have a 100mw radio, and get that number by adding the antenna gain. The WaveWiFi Rogue has a full, 800mw of output power, along with an extremely high receive sensitivity. This means, quite simply, a faster connection at a greater distance than the competition.

How far can I really expect to connect to a Hotspot?

There are many factors that will determine the connection distance. WiFi depends on having a clean line-of-sight to the Access Point or Hotspot you are trying to connect to. Trees, buildings, hills, and other boats will greatly shorten your range. Having an antenna mounted outside your boat or RV can help greatly.
The power output and antenna of the Hotspot has a huge effect as well. In a perfect world, each Marina or RV Park would have a high power Hotspot with an antenna directed to your area, but to some, advertising “WiFi Available” means a low-power router on the manager’s desk. In this case you may still be limited to a very short distance.
Other factors that influence range are weather and radio interference in the area.