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It is with great pleasure to announce the addition of the Aigean Networks product line to the Land and Sea catalog!

Aigean Networks offers the latest and greatest in Marine Networking products ideal for any vessel or RV. They have the most responsive and elegant interface working on the highest quality hardware, giving you the best possible experience connecting and staying connected to the Internet.

Check out our collection of Aigean's products and give them a try. We know you'll love them!

The Rogue is now even easier to use than ever! The Rogue will now store up to 10 of your favorite Hotspots (along with any WEP or WPA keys) and automatically keep you connected to any of them that are in range. This means that if your Hotspot goes offline, the Rogue will switch to the next available Favorite in the list, keeping you connected. This feature is also very useful if you have Favorites set for different ports of call. When you leave your marina or mooring, the Rogue will automatically be connected at your new location, probably before you even have time to pull out the laptop!

Another timesaver is the ability to sort Hotspots not just by signal strength, but also alphabetically or by encryption - this puts all the open Hotspots together, make them easy to find and connect to.

Watch for even more surprises in the future!         

The Rogue has been improved again with the addition of an 8db marina antenna and stainless steel railmount!

The new antenna and mount make it easy to install your Rogue to a rail or stanchion, and its fully adjustable to keep your antenna vertical for best signal.


Don't forget... we also carry a full line of permanent mount antennas, and specialty wifi antennas for any purpose. If you don't see what you need on the site, call or email... we probably have it!


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In addition to antennas and accessories, Land and Sea WiFi has added a new category, Hotspots! If you run a marina, campground or RV park, we now make it super simple to give your customers WiFi with the AMC-1 from Wave WiFi. All of our systems are plug and play- we do the configuration for you! Your customers will be directed to a custom 'login page', where they will enter a code that you supply. The AMC-1 allows you to generate your own codes, of any duration. You can even restrict bandwidth to better manage your connection speed. Contact us we'll work with you to design a full featured, custom Hotspot for your business.

Click here or call 954-636-1967 for more information


Don't forget to come see us once again at the famous Dania Marine Flea Market  2011 March 17th-20th in Dania Beach Florida! We'll be answering your questions and demonstrating the Rogue live. Enjoy a great Florida spring day browsing at the show, then stop by to meet us and test drive a RogueWave!
In addition, watch for a few new products on the Land and Sea WiFi website!



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Watch this space for news on new products, specials, and shows!

Tue. Feb. 16, 2010—-Had a great time at the Miami Boat Show, meeting some of our customers and making new friends. Don’t forget to ask for Miami Show special at the next show!! Looking forward to Dania Marine Flea Market. Look for us there.

Sunday Feb 7, 2010: Pardon our dust! Please be patient while we make some changes and additions to our webstore! Meanwhile, the store is open, and we are available by phone or email for sales and tech support. If you don’t find something you are looking for, don’t hesitate to ask! 


Wed, March 2, 2011: Another interesting experience at the Miami Boat Show. Sold a lot of Rogues and had a good time. The Dania Marine Flea Market is next.

Friday March 25, 2011: The Dania Marine Flea Market is done and we had great weather for it this time. Last year we almost lost the tent to the wind. For those of you up north I have to tell you the weather was 78-82f and a light breeze. Try to come down for it next year. Sold a bunch and gave out all of our brochures. See you there next time!!

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