New Favorite Hotspot Feature!

The Rogue is now even easier to use than ever! The Rogue will now store up to 10 of your favorite Hotspots (along with any WEP or WPA keys) and automatically keep you connected to any of them that are in range. This means that if your Hotspot goes offline, the Rogue will switch to the next available Favorite in the list, keeping you connected. This feature is also very useful if you have Favorites set for different ports of call. When you leave your marina or mooring, the Rogue will automatically be connected at your new location, probably before you even have time to pull out the laptop!

Another timesaver is the ability to sort Hotspots not just by signal strength, but also alphabetically or by encryption - this puts all the open Hotspots together, make them easy to find and connect to.

Watch for even more surprises in the future!         

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