Marine Broadband Router

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 Introducing the latest from Wave WiFi... the new Marine Broadband Router!

These days many boats have multiple internet sources- WiFi, Cellular, VSAT or Fleet Broadband. Until now your options for managing and selecting between those sources have been limited - hard to use network servers, expensive and difficult to configure commercial products, and unreliable mechanical switches were among the options.

Wave WiFi's new Marine Broadband Router changes everything. Simple to configure AND operate, the MBR comes in 2, 4, and 6 source models.

Features Include:
Easy to use web-based interface lets you see your connections at a glance, and quickly switch from one to another.
Manual Switching or Automatic Failover if a source goes offline.
Password Protection for metered sources such as Satellite and Cellular Data.
Advanced features such as Login Codes and Bandwidth Throttling: Give the Owner or Captain full bandwidth while limiting speed for guests or crew.