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          Zero to Internet with WaveWiFi Rogue

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 In a 10pm fit of rage-inducing confusion, I grabbed the box for the WaveWiFi Rogue, a WiFi extender that Land and Sea Wifi helped us with. Amazing, it’s been the easiest thing I have installed all week, and within 10 minutes, here I am, typing a blog post.


                                                                          Little Birdies Take Wing 

 .... The Rogue Wave is the easiest to use, highest power marine wifi booster available. It does not require software drivers. It works with Windows, Mac, iPads and Smartphones. Eventually, we want to mount the antennae at the top of our mast to get the best possible reception. For the time being though, it doesn't take long to mount it on the aft rail when we need to use it.....  Click Here  to see the rest on Heather and Joey's blog about their travels with their children. 

                             RV.Net article

If you’re an RVer looking to improve your Internet connections, take a look at the Rogue Wave Wireless Bridge and Ethernet Converter.  I have been working with WiFi equipment almost since the beginning of the technology. I have an arsenal of devices, large and small, that I have collected over our years of RVing.  The Rogue Wave is the latest and I like it.


                                                           Jeff Smith

Hi Randy,

This week I received the Rogue Wave Wi-Fi system with router from you, shipped the same morning ordered.  To sum it up, plug and play as advertised.  I am very impressed with how well the Rogue Wave works.  Our slip is at the edge of the marina and could not get any signal from the marina’s Wi-Fi.  Now we are almost at maximum signal strength.  Set-up was a breeze.  In seconds I also had our Sirius Internet table radio and IPad 2 connected to the network while running company laptop on VPN via Ethernet cable at same time.

Attached are two pictures of the installation.  Thanks for making a great product that performs exactly as advertised.

Regards, Jeff Smith  2008 Mariner Yachts International Seville 37 “trawler”


From William Ennis S/V Wings

We're cruising sailors who are based in Alaska.  We're taking our sailboat down the west coast from our old home port of Seward, AK to San Francisco Bay.  We plan on sailing under the greatest landfall on the west coast, the Golden Gate Bridge, sometime in July.  Mexico and the South Pacific head our list of destinations in the immediate future.

Like everyone these days, we depend on the Internet for communication to family and friend, ordering parts and supplies, and maintaining our website.  In our last leg, we found that even when Wifi was available in a harbor, we were often placed in a transient slip that was beyond the range of our built-in antenna.  As followers of Practical Sailor, we were impressed with the Rogue Wave's performance, and after a lot of deliberation, we bought one.  It arrived promptly.

Prior to taking it to the boat, I tried it in our home with our own Wifi.  Naturally, the connection was not a problem, but I was particularly impressed with the obviously well-designed package of gear. 

The device was easy to assemble.  Every connector was included, meaning that even if I had not tried it at home, I could have taken it to the boat and did not have to scavenge for parts and connectors.  The web interface is slick and an excellent way to create a platform-independent system.  The Rogue even has an effectively waterproof connection port on the bottom for the included 25-foot Cat 5 patch cord.  The package even included a "Quick Start" sheet and it was covered in waterproof plastic!  Truthfully, that one item told me that these guys understood the marine environment.  

When I reached Petersburg, Alaska, where our boat was on the hard, it required about ten minutes to get things going.  A bit of trial and error were needed to find the best location for the signals that were present, of course.  I was able to find and connect to a Wifi source quite easily after that.  Am I streaming video?  No.  But I can send and receive email, upload material to our website and blog, and keep in touch with vendors of parts that I need.  It has rained in Petersburg every day and the Rogue has been sitting out in it, performing perfectly.

We were not able to connect with any Wifi before mounting this system.  In fact, we did not even detect any Wifi prior to mounting this system.  Now, I can connect.  I suspect that we'll see similar performance as we move down the coast and I'm very pleased with the performance of the Rogue Wifi booster.  

I am impressed.

William Ennis   S/V Wings   

                                                Richard Smith 

I am extremely pleased with the performance of the Rogue Wave Wifi antenna and especially the simplicity of the installation. Before purchasing the Rogue Wave, I researched many different methods on the Internet for an antenna that would give me performance and reliability at a reasonable cost. The Rogue Wave fit my needs perfectly. Another BIG benefit is that it’s a Plug-n-Play unit that didn’t need any tweaking or programming to have it work correctly.

Since I am a full-time RV owner, I rely on Internet accessibility to stay in contact wherever I happen to be located. Between my Rogue Wave Wi-Fi and my cellular Wi-Fi router, I have Internet almost anytime, anywhere except in very remote areas of North America.

I wanted a location to install the Rogue Wave whereby it would need the least amount of installation requirements coupled with easy deployment. I chose my existing Batwing rooftop antenna as the best location as it gave me the height I wanted and just by raising the Batwing, the Rogue Wave antenna goes along for the ride. I also chose to add an existing Netgear router I previously had to the wiring of the Rogue so that I could use more than one device. I have two laptops, a wireless printer, TiVo, and Samsung TV/Blu-Ray devices that can access the Internet wirelessly.

The Rogue wifi antenna was clamped to one vertical support of the Batwing antenna. The Ethernet cable was routed with the existing coax cable down to the rooftop. I then drilled a hole in the rooftop to enter into a front overhead cabinet where the POE adapter and my Netgear router were located. I installed a 120 volt AC electrical box with a duplex and switch so I could turn both the Rogue Wave POE and Netgear router off when not used.

The performance of the Rogue Wave is extraordinary. It has consistently provided me with numerous Wi-Fi hot spots to choose from versus using the laptop internal antennae’s. Last year after the initial installation, I was located at Valencia Travel Village in Castaic, CA, I went from receiving a few Wi-Fi hot spots to over 30 within this RV park. In our present location, Rainbow Lake, New York, the property owner was amazed that I was able to receive any signal from his three routers that he has on his property which are between 1000 -1500 feet away from our RV site and through a forest too. The signal was medium in strength but was enough to provide email services. I have since signed up for TWC services to provide us TV, VOIP Telephone & HS Internet services as we are staying here for 5 months. Installation photos attached.

From Joe McGee:

 Thanks Land and Sea Wifi.

When I first hooked the Rogue Wave Wifi booster antenna and router up I couldn’t believe how many more hotspots I saw. I got to say that this was easier than I thought it would be. It took me about 5 minutes to get it all up and running. I’ve got it all powered off of my 12v lighter plug and it works great. I can sit outside with my laptop while I’m connected to the router that’s connected to the Rogue. At first I clamped it to the ladder rail and it worked fantastic right off, but I had to take it down when moving or it might hit low hanging stuff. Then I decided to put it on the batwing TV antenna. That way I don’t have to worry about taking it off when I move. I just crank it down and off I go.
Thanks again and here are some pictures of my install. Joe McGee
RV wifi antenna    RV wifi antenna down   RV antenna up

                                                                             A Video from a customer

                       A very happy customer, John Pratt, made this video click here. You can check out his website also at . 

                       He goofed when he made the video and had the camera sideways, but it's still a good video. We appreciate it,

                                                                                Thanks John.

                                      From Pete at Pete's Marine Electronics

Actually we were ready to install it Day 1 after we saw about 15 hotspots on the Network scan page! We don't use our Verizon device in this Marina anymore. We used to use it because the wifi was weak here. Now all our computers have much faster and dependable wifi anywhere on the boat thanks to the wireless router. That is well worth the extra $25. 

In a couple months we will be leaving for the Bahamas. My job depends on the internet and I know the Rogue will pay for itself very quickly. This package is the ”deal” we as cruisers have been waiting for. It is simple, everything is included and it has superior power over the rest!
After being in the Marine Electronics business over 25 years we see marine wifi antennas as an entirely new market and ”must have” product like a GPS was in 1991!
We will spread the word and ride the ”Rogue Wave”!

Pete and Carol
Pete's Marine Electronics

From Rich Rubin:


During a recent trip to the Bahamas, I was able to connect to a wifi connection point more than 5 miles away from our yacht,  and I was able to conduct a perfect Skype telephone call while sailing in the middle of the Sea of Abaco! It has performed flawlessly...allows us to connect to the internet AT WILL...anytime...anywhere we have tried. It's a great product which I am more than happy to recommend.

Rich Rubin
Mobile Studios Inc
Boca Raton

From Brett Wolfe- Family Motor Coach Association Forums:

To help us stay connected while on the road, I researched Wi-Fi boosters and antennas.
This setup looked like it would do the trick -- the Wave WiFi Rogue:

I installed it last week, just before we left on our trip. Well, two days into the trip, we got a chance to check it out. We were in a park in the panhandle of Texas. Fired up the computer -- no wireless networks detected by Windows Vista.

After setting up the Wave Rogue antenna and plugging it into the booster, nine Wi-Fi hotspots came right up. Several were open (non-encrypted) and we were able to get right to the Internet.

Less powerful antenna/boosters may help in campgrounds with weak signals, but this one also pulls in hot spots from miles away. We got on to an open hotspot in a coffee shop at least two miles away. I was impressed. 

Takes less than one minute to erect/stow. 

The user interface and documentation on the Wave Rogue are TOP-NOTCH. It took me less than five minutes after plugging it in the first time to pull up all the hot spots in the area, determine which were encrypted, and find a coffee shop with a good signal and get online.


From Ed Z. :

I want to compliment you on this product.  I read about it in the Family Motor Coach Association RV magazine.  All too often RV parks offer WiFi but also all too often the signal provided stinks and is weak and unstable.  With the Rogue my connectivity problems are gone.

The device totally rocks and I felt you deserved kudos.  I'm telling all my RV friends about it.  The next test will be to see if it comes through at Burning Man.

Ed Z.

From Peter S. :


Here are some pictures of my RV Wifi installations. I love it, I have used the antenna everywhere I go. My neighbors have to sit outside at picnic tables in the buggy heat while I'm inside my RV in the cool AC. I can't wait to try it out at home.

 Thanks for the Rouge Wave. Pete

From Al F. :

We are really really happy with our Rogue Wifi booster you sold us last month.  It works everywhere on any network we have come across.  The user interface is very easy to navigate and intuitive.   We have sung the praises of your system to many people on our cruise through British Columbia and Washington cruising waters.  We found free wifi in most places during our cruise saving us hundreds of dollars in connection costs.  

Happy Rogue Wave Wifi customer,

  Al F.

Manuel A. :

I am indeed very happy with the Rogue! It's a tremendous boost to the reception of the wifi signal at our marina, as well as other locations that we traveled to. We use it, and the router you supplied with it, to connect a number of lap tops within our boat. At some marinas we travel to the wi-fi signal is very weak. However, the Rogue does an excellent job of boosting the reception and it makes it seem as though we are hard wired right to the network.



So far its been 2 weeks since I got my RogueWave. The kit arrived as advertised with everything I needed. I did choose the optional router as well. I used the Rogue for 3 days in Cape Eleuthera with the wifi antenna just setup on salon table, but in Spanish Wells I got a much faster connection by mounting the antenna outside with the included railmount. I have not needed phone support (yet! I'm not so techy!) but when I called on a Saturday afternoon to place my order, it was refreshing to talk to a real human being with knowledge of his product. So far its been a great experience and the Rogue is the best solution yet to get internet for boats!