AMC-1 Hotspot Gateway from Wave WiFi

 Create a Hotspot for your Marina or Campground with the AMC-1 Gateway from Wave WiFi

 Land and Sea presents Wave WiFi's latest way to increase business at your Marina, RV Park, or Campground! The AMC-1 makes it simple to create a fast, reliable and flexible Access Point as well as the tools to insure your wireless Internet access goes ONLY to your own customers. 
 The AMC-1 acts as the 'brains' of your system, redirecting your customers to a customized  Login page. Once there, they can have access to contact info, hours of operation, or other details of your business. Internet access is activated by entering a 6 digit code YOU supply.
A typical Hotspot system consists of 1 AMC-1 Gateway and one or more (depending on the size of the area to be covered) Rogue AP/Antenna pairs. As an example, a system for a small Marina or Campground may only need 1 AP and Antenna and could be as inexpensive as $900.  The system is pre-configured, and installation is as simple as mounting the antenna, and running a single cable inside the office to your internet connection or network.

 Your Hotspot will work with ANY computer, as well as iPhones, iPads, and any other WiFi enabled device.

 Contact us at Land and Sea WiFi and we'll review the layout you'd like to cover, and help you choose the system that works best for you. We'll even create a
 custom login page for you based on your business's website!

 In addition to keeping your customers coming back, you can also use your Hotspot to generate additional revenue by placing banner advertising on your Login page for local businesses such as restaurants, engine repair, or fuel companies. Call for more information.

Plug and play with the setup wizard 
Firewall blocks access from LAN to WAN 
Local access to configuration 
Remote configuration via port forwarding 
Direct connection via MAC bypass table 
Free Internet access with disclaimer 
Controlled Internet access using codes

Branding via the login page generator 
Create a custom login page design 
Login page advertising 
Disclaimer agreement with built in editor 
Link to business web site home page 
Login access code generator 
Login code usage reporting

Rogue AP Access Point
The Rogue AP is a High Power (800mw) Access Point that connects to your AMC-1 to transmit a WiFi signal to your Marina, Campground, Truck Stop, or Motel. A single unit can cover a large area and provide Internet Access to up to 50 customers at the same time. Additional Rogue AP's can be connected to the AMC-1 to cover larger areas or areas blocked by obstacles such as trees or buildings.
 The Rogue AP will be pre-configured to broadcast the name of your establishment to your customers' laptop computers.


Please Contact Land and Sea WiFi for more details on setting up a Hotspot for YOUR Marina, RV Park, Campground, or Truckstop!

For International sales, please contact us at or 954-636-1967

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$475.00 USD
  • AMC-1 Hotspot Gateway from Wave WiFi
  • AMC-1 Hotspot Gateway from Wave WiFi
  • AMC-1 Hotspot Gateway from Wave WiFi
  • AMC-1 Hotspot Gateway from Wave WiFi