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  • New Favorite Hotspot Feature!

    The Rogue is now even easier to use than ever! The Rogue will now store up to 10 of your favorite Hotspots (along with any WEP or WPA keys) and automatically keep you connected to any of them that are in range. This mea...

  • New Antenna and Mount!

    The Rogue has been improved again with the addition of an 8db marina antenna and stainless steel railmount!

    The new antenna and mount make it easy to install your Rogue to a rail or stanchion, and its fully...

  • Hotspots!

    In addition to antennas and accessories, Land and Sea WiFi has added a new category, Hotspots! If you run a marina, campground or RV park, we now make it super simple to give your customers WiFi with the AMC-1 from Wave...